Young Developer Programme (YDP)
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Programme overview

Officially launched in 2020, Psybergate’s Young Developer Programme (YDP) is aimed at the practical training and preparation of young people looking to build a career in software development.

The Young Developer Programme consists of 4-6 months of full-time mentorship, followed by 2 years of industry-based experience. It starts in July of each year and builds upon the academic knowledge acquired during tertiary studies.

During the initial 4-6 month mentoring period, participants are mentored by seasoned software developers. Our mentoring aims to instil key programming principles/concepts while growing core skills in Java and JEE/Spring. Extensive programming exercises and personal feedback help to prepare participants to build real-world solutions for real-world business problems.

Post the initial mentoring period, participants will be deployed to a client who will then have the option of taking them into permanent employment after their 2 years of industry experience.

“We offer not only a strong conceptual and practical foundation but also a chance to work with industry experts who are devoted to preparing you for the challenges you will face.”

What you’ll need

  • A programming background through a Bachelors or suitable Technical Diploma in  Information Technology, Computer Sciences or Engineering.

What you’ll get from us

  • Strong Mentorship and learning
  • An opportunity to tackle real-world problems, identify problems and solve them.
  • Gain relevant skills and training which would enhance your chances of getting employment in the future.
  • Industry-based experience
  • One-on-one mentorship with the leadership team.
  • Collaboration with peers on a day-to-day basis

What you’ll bring to the team

  • A passion for learning and collaborating with your peers.
  • Determination to become the best version of yourself.
  • Willingness to learn and become competent in this industry.
  • Willingness to take control of your career growth.


The Psybergate proprietary assessment process requires applicants to problem-solve and write code. Applicants may also be asked to discuss their code, conduct a personal interview or complete an aptitude test.


Psybergate invests in software excellence through skills development for the future.

Our clients

We offer management and technology consulting, software solutions, co-sourced and outsourced software development, graduate mentoring and IT resourcing services.