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Mentorship is something that’s been part of the company culture at Psybergate since it opened its doors in 1999. After several years of developing unique talent within the organisation, we decided to invest in our employees in a more structured way and introduced the Psybergate Mentorship Programme, specifically the Senior Software Developer Growth Programme.

Value proposition

This mentorship model has been designed to ensure that we constantly deliver best practice to our clients. Delivering software excellence is at the heart of our culture. Each year the programme is refined further to ensure the latest tools and practices are taught for the benefit of our clients.

“I started mentoring some of our guys on the weekend’s and quickly realized there was a hunger for this type of accelerated learning, so we took the opportunity to draw a strong theme of mentorship throughout the company culture.” Chris Naidoo, Psybergate Technical Director.

Software Developer Growth Programme

At Psybergate, we don’t believe that software mentorship should stop on completion of the Graduate Programme. Becoming a senior full stack developer or lead architect takes years of continued learning.

Our extended Mentorship Programme supports engineers throughout their entire growth journey to Senior Software Developer. By offering a staggered learning path, we ensure that as our developers grow, they do so in a way that ensures solid fundamentals at all points. Consequently, we are proud and confident that our developers can walk into any situation and expertly navigate a solution for our clients with the application of refined skills and expertise.

Our Mentorship Programme is offered to all our developers throughout the course of their career. The programme strategically charts the course of their foundational learning from graduate level, right through to Senior Software Developer.

Supplementary to the technical training, we offer professional, team and leadership development. Developers are also encouraged to conduct junior and intermediate mentoring to ‘learn by teaching’.

The business base

Mentorship results in delivery. For us, the business rationale is clear: Expertly trained software developers means better business solutions for our clients and talent retention for our business. Creating sustainable solutions for the economy. This is how and why we are able to enjoy long-standing relationships with so many of our clients.

“We believe mentorship and shared knowledge is the ethos of the industry. The very essence of open source is about building and sharing for the greater good of the industry’s development.” Fazel Mayet, Psybergate CEO.

The impact of mentorship

We want to create senior role models, thus our Mentorship Programme is designed to grow employees through the ‘ranks’ and then turn those employees into mentors themselves. In the past 6 years, more than 50 graduates have followed our programme, and are now considered mentors themselves to the latest intake of graduates.

This culture of ‘paying it forward’ is at the heart of our organisation.

“If you want to make a fundamental difference, you can’t just talk about it. You’ve got to actually do something.”


Supplementary to the technical training, we offer professional, team and leadership development.

Our clients

We offer management and technology consulting, software solutions, co-sourced and outsourced software development, graduate mentoring and IT resourcing services.